What could the JustGiving API do for your charity?

Your charity probably already has a good relationship with JustGiving, but you may not be making the most of that relationship if you’re not taking advantage of the functionality offered by their API. For example, you could be allowing your site visitors to create JustGiving fundraising pages for events and appeals without ever leaving your site. This means your users have a seamless experience, which hugely increases the chances they will create a fundraising page.

This is good for your charity because:

  • • Fundraisers with JustGiving pages raise more money than those fundraising offline*
  • • Using the API can lead to a 50% increase in the creation of JustGiving fundraising pages**

That means that with a small investment you could see an immediate increase in your charity’s income!

“JustGiving API integration sounds scary, but Kennedy Monk made it quick and painless. The API is now a seamless part of our website, and a fundamental part of our fundraising process. We’d seriously recommend any charities not using it to consider talking to KM about its possible benefits.” – Just4Children

Kennedy Monk have been working with the JustGiving API technology since its launch, working with charities to create powerful solutions. You can learn more about the JustGiving API here.

Get in touch today for an informal chat about the possible benefits for your charity. We’d love to help you get the most out of your relationship with JustGiving.

* Source: JustGiving.
** Source: Cancer Research UK saw a 50% increase of entrants creating JustGiving fundraising pages after they started using the JustGiving API.

We’ve moved!

We have now relocated to some lovely new offices in Soho Square. Find us at 35 Soho Square, London, W1D 3QX and make sure to pop in for a coffee and say hello!

Talk is cheap…

…or so the saying goes.

At Kennedy Monk we believe that, but we also believe talk is of great value. In fact, we get as excited as a designer in a free fonts factory when talking about the “what ifs”.

It costs nothing to explore these “what ifs” with you, and without talking the best ideas often lie undiscovered, leaving projects failing to reach their potential.

If you’re someone who understands the value of talking before briefing, and you’re not afraid of exploring uncharted territory, then we’d love to come over to sit down and discuss the “what ifs” with you.

Contact andi@kennedymonk.com or stuart@kennedymonk.com if you fancy a chat, it won’t cost you a thing.

Making our clients feel special on Valentine’s Day

Love was in the air at K&M Towers last week as we got together and worked up a little mystery Valentine’s gift for our clients.

When a mysterious hand-wrapped box of chocolates arrived on their desks, clients were invited to find out more about their secret admirer through a unique URL written on the back of the box. This led them through to a special, personalised webpage wishing them a Happy Valentine’s Day… from us!

It was a small reminder from K&M that every one of our clients is special, and from the responses we’ve had, it seems everyone likes getting gifts on Valentine’s Day – especially if it’s chocolate:

Stuart featured in MCV

Kennedy Monk founder, Stuart Monk, has been featured in this week’s issue of the industry magazine, MCV. Asked by the publication to offer some insights into industry trends, Stuart picked the huge leaps in VR technology as one of the techs to watch for in the coming year. He also gave a broad summary of some of the highlights of 2015 for KM; including The Witcher 3’s online Campaign, Dovetail Games’s Train Sim 2015, Pac-Man’s 35th Anniversary for Bandai-Namco, and the Just Cause 3 comic for Square Enix. Asked how old his ‘youthful’ picture was, Stuart replied, ‘no comment’ 😀

2016 Bring It On…

Looking back at our short summary video it certainly felt like 2015 whizzed by in 20.15 seconds.

A lot has happened in that relatively short space of time. We’ve said goodbye to a few people, hello to a few more, and welcomed Johnny Walker our new Head of Digital into the fold. We’ve been working hard to deliver some fantastic projects across our smörgåsbord of clients.

We rolled out another ‘Summer of Sport’ branding campaign for Broadgate Estates which dominated the summer months across The City. Phill was kept busy with plenty of digital and motion graphics work, creating campaigns for the likes of Pan Macmillan’s Lamentation, Orion’s James Bond novel Trigger Mortis, and online and TV advertising for massive game titles such as The Witcher 3, and F1 2015.

Johnny has been busy directing the creation of some exciting web sites, including The French Piste Project (as featured in The Telegraph) as well as sites for Dunhill, H&M and Accessorize. Not to mention web apps for Ex Machina, Suits, and Downton Abbey.

Andi was in his element writing and producing comics for Square Enix, which saw him working on Final Fantasy and the awesome Just Cause 3. This resulted in the studio being crammed with comic pages primed to explode! He also found the time to curate artwork from 35 internationally renowned artists for Bandai Namco’s 35th anniversary of Pac-Man.

Stuart has been sailing the good ship KM across some uncharted waters, amongst other things overseeing the rebrand of Footlocker’s 16 key European stores and taking the chequered flag in our end-of year go-karting competition.

So all in all, a fantastically creative year, it’s been diverse to say the least.

Roll on 20.16 indeed…

The Comic Book Effect

by Andi Ewington

You only have around to see that comics are having a major impact on the mainstream consumer.

From Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘Daredevil’ dominating the water-cooler conversations, through to the habitual blockbuster Marvel or DC release, it’s clear that comics are no longer the sacred weapon of the Geek. Comics are en vogue, have mass appeal and are shaping the way we consume narrative. It’s no longer uncommon to see people reading comics on your daily train commute or while enjoying a chai latte at the local bistro.

I’ve been fortunate to be on the front lines for the past nine years watching this rapid uptake of the comic form. It pleases me no end to see comics being given the mass appeal they deserve. Open the front cover and you’ll quickly discover the effort and craft which is poured into each page. Comics are very much about teamwork; writer, artist, letterer, colourist, and editor each adding their own little secret ingredient into mix. The results of which can be spectacular to experience. A visual delight to tantalise the senses. It can capture the imagination across old and young, male or female, race and culture, it knows no boundaries and has no limits to where it can go. That’s why I’m passionate about comics, it allows creatives the ability to enthral an audience and deliver so much more than just regurgitated information.

There’s a huge amount of potential a comic can bring to an IP. It can raise awareness of a brand to a wider community, opening it up to a whole new market long before the product launches. It allows the freedom to explore and expand upon story arcs, develop characters fans care about, and plugs any gaps in narrative. Additionally, it presents clear engagement opportunities by opening itself up to creative competitions, rewards and bonus information – I’ve even seen fans re-colour their own versions of the comic pages long after the initial launch, creating a second wave of user-generated PR and social chatter. Finally, it can help an IP cross the final frontier… the TransMedia threshold.

What’s encouraging is that clients are beginning to see the benefits of bringing their IP to the comic form. Stepping into the comic would can only ultimately encourage a new wave of fans to buy into a brand.

Want to know how creating a comic with us can benefit you and your franchise? Then get in touch!